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How to Determine the Right Storage Unit for Your Needs

August 4, 2022

Based on my experience as a manager for over 7 years, I find the biggest mistake prospective tenants make is selecting a unit size based on price and not their needs. If I could get a dollar for every tenant that rented online, then came to the facility and actually saw the size of the unit they rented and decided it was too small, I would be rich! After proper counseling we then have to a transfer them to a unit that fits their needs.

I understand moving can be a very stressful time (speaking from experience), and properly choosing the size needed may only add to that stress. Listed below are some tips and suggestions that may help you determine a size.

  • If possible, tour the facility, and get a visual perspective of the space you will be working with. This can also give you the opportunity to speak with experts who can guide you to the proper unit size. This may save you time and money and possibly an additional cost of renting a second unit after you find your first unit is full.
  • What will you be storing in the unit and is access to your belongings important while being stored? You may not know that facilities have many different sized units and door size options. For instance, the door on a 5×10 will not be as wide as the door on a 10×5. Therefore, the larger items may not fit through the smaller door. With the wider doors, access will be easier to your belongings if you need frequent access to them. Whereas with the smaller door you have to take everything out and put it back in your unit after you finally find that one little item you needed.
  • Take inventory of items you will store. If possible, stage everything in one room or garage and measure around your items. This should give a general guide to a unit size you will need. You can also go to our website and access the Unit Size Guide, which is very user friendly.
  • Utilize all your unit space! On average, most units are a standard height of 8ft tall. Stack up those boxes to the ceiling, stand couches on ends, break down tables and stack those chairs (just pretend you are playing Tetris

These are just are just a few of the many tips and suggestion to help with the process of selecting a unit size. Do not hesitate to call our friendly experts, or visit any of our locations here at Heritage Self Storage. We are in the office every day of the week and will be happy to answer any of you questions and assist you with all your needs.


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