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Tips to keep your move painless and organized

July 6, 2022
Moving van being loaded

If you find yourself moving locally or relocating to a different city, I want to help by sharing some tips and advice to help keep your move as painless and as organized as possible.  You see, I am speaking from experience as I have moved across country six different times.  I didn’t just move alone, I moved with a large family, so it was especially important to remain organized in the preparation and packing to ensure a smooth and (relatively) stress-free experience.

  • Make sure you purchase sturdy boxes and label and tape them securely.  It might seem like common sense, but a little preparation can save a lot of headaches when it comes to unpacking. Use a good marker or label and indicate the room to which the contents belong.  Be sure to use small and medium boxes for books and other heavy items so they can be easily carried later. A tape gun is a great way to apply the tape securely on the boxes and its quicker and easier than using a loose roll.  Also, no constant fiddling to try and find that edge and peel it away!
  • Pack your belongings using bubble wrap and packing paper.  While it might seem faster to just throw everything in a box, you’ll regret it during unpacking when things are broken and damaged.  Take a little time to wrap glass and fragile items in packing paper and then use bubble wrap to protect large bundles.
  • Mattress bags are often overlooked, but they are the best protection you can get to ensure that your mattress stays clean and protected during the move.  If you plan to keep the bed in storage upon arrival, the mattress bag keeps it protected there too.  Once you do remove the mattress, you can reuse the bag to store other items and protect them from dirt and damage.
  • Select a room in your current home and designate it as a “moving room” to place all boxes in once packed.  As boxes are filled, move them to this room and stack heaviest boxes on the bottom.  Leave a portion of the room for items to be donated and another area for items to be trashed or sold.  Utilizing a room or area in this manner means that come moving day, all (or most) boxes will be in one location which will make loading the truck(s) easier.  Additionally, accessing furniture and other large items will be much easier because they won’t be blocked or obstructed by boxes.

As the manager of Heritage’s Sonora location, I’d love to talk with you about your moving and storing needs and offer any suggestions and advice possible.  We also carry a full line of packing and moving supplies at all of our locations. 

Call me or any of our other location managers, or feel free to drop by during business hours.  We can’t wait to help!

Lisa, Manager, Heritage Self Storage in Sonora

Lisa, Manager
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